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What sets us apart is our direct integration with coffee farmers. By establishing a direct connection with the hardworking individuals who cultivate our coffee, we’ve created a symbiotic relationship. This approach not only ensures the highest quality beans but also contributes to the prosperity and well-being of the farmers who are the backbone of our industry.


Yegna Buna has had the privilege of providing our exceptional coffee to large organizations. Our partnerships go beyond transactions; they are collaborations built on shared values and a passion for quality. Working hand in hand with these organizations, we’ve not only delivered outstanding coffee but also cultivated lasting relationships based on trust and excellence.

our plans

Stepping into the export industry just a year ago, we bring a fresh perspective to the global market. Our recent foray into international trade is a testament to our commitment to sharing the excellence of our coffee beyond borders. We believe that great coffee should not be confined; it should be savored and appreciated worldwide.